COPPER F/X™ instantly reacts with clean bare steel for dazzling copper plating – no heat needed! It’s super safe and a cinch to use. Go solo with COPPER F/X™ or spray it on as a base for other STEEL F/X™ patinas, including those snazzy METAL DYES and ALCOHOL INKS. Grab ’em in bulk with 2-gallon, 4-gallon, or 8-gallon discount packs! Plus, check out our 1-Qt. and 1-Gal. concentrates that whip up one or four gallons of ready-to-rock COPPER F/X™ Patina, slashing those pesky shipping costs. Peek below to see the rave reviews from our STEEL F/X™ aficionados. Real customers, real art, real easy – even for newbies! Copper plate a whopping 50-60 steel pieces sized 36″ X 18″ with just one gallon of COPPER F/X™ magic.


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