Enjoy 40% OFF! Select your preferred colors and quantities. Create quarts, half-gallons, or gallons. Pick your favorite dye colors and save a substantial amount of money! This offer is valid only in the lower 48 states and Canada. Choose between making dyes or alcohol inks. Please note that white is not included and the offer is subject to available stock. Once sold out, it’s gone for good.

Metal Dye Powders available in 10 vibrant, translucent colors. They are incredibly easy to mix and apply, ensuring stunning results!

Yields of 32 oz., 64 oz., or 128 oz., these individual dye components are suitable for any metal or non-porous surface!

Simply add ACETONE to each dye powder color, shake vigorously by hand for 2-3 minutes, and you’re set.

No special equipment is required to mix your own! Note: Evaporation-proof HDPE lab bottles are not included. Click here to add a few to your cart.

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