STAINLESS F/X™ Liquid Patina

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A Few of the Photos Above Are my Own Projects, but Most of Them Are Sent to me From Gunsmiths, Collectors, Outdoorsmen, Firearms Enthusiasts, Firearms Manufacturers, OEM Suppliers, Gun-Wrights and DIY’ers, That Have Accomplished Extraordinary Finishes on Steel and Stainless Steel, With STEEL F/X® GEL PATINAS & STAINLESS F/X™.

A Lot of the Photos Above Are the Result of ‘First-Try’, ‘First-Time’ Projects, Reinforcing How Easy, Painless & Effective the STEEL F/X® Product Line for Color Case-Hardening Really is.  And, the Best Part? There is Absolutely No Heating of the Firearm or Knife Blade, OR the Gel Required.  

No Need to Send Your Pieces Somewhere to Possibly be Damaged, Warped by Heat, Made Brittle by Extreme Heat, Not Look Like You’d Hoped, or Costing Hundreds if Not Thousands, and Waiting 6-12 Months to Get Your Firearm Returned to You.

STEEL F/X™ Color Case-Hardening Gel Patinas and STAINLESS F/X™ All Carry a 100% Money-Back or Replacement Guarantee!  They Just Work! Today is July 7th, and the email Below, From William B. is Just One of the Dozens of emails I’ve Received Regarding the Color Case-Hardening Products:

“Hi Bill,

I ordered your products, BURNT COPPER F/X™ GEL and BLUE HALO™ GEL Patinas several weeks ago to try and achieve a case hardened effect on a hammer for a Colt 1903 38 auto pistol that I am restoring to original finish. (or at least trying to).  

I have just today gotten around to using your product and must say they do a wonderful job! The hammer looks great!

I sealed with Renaissance Wax. I hope this color holds and doesn’t fade over time. Of course the harshest conditions it will ever see are the inside of my safe.

It’s really nice to find a product that does exactly what it said it would do!

Thanks Again For Your Help!

William B.

p.s. In the future I will do an entire small frame pistol in this finish, maybe a .32 or .25.  Do you think this would work on an entire gun?”   

by Bill: Yes! It Would!

It’s Incredibly Easy to Add Increased Value & Beauty to Your Work!   If This is Your First Visit to the Website, Please Bookmark it For Future Reference, or Jump Right in & Try a Few Products. You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Photos That You Submit to me by Email or Text Will be Featured Here, For Others to Enjoy.  

If You Have Several Images to Share, it’s Best to Email Them to me HERE or Send me a Link Where I Can See Them & Download.

Thanks & Keep up the Good Work!


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