GALVA-RUST™ Patina: the all natural, no-fuss, no-muss, and absolutely no-stink solution for that chic rusted metal look! Want to age your galvanized metal, chain-link fence, guard rails, rocks, boulders, or even your mother-in-law’s garden gnome? Look no further! Slap on some GALVA-RUST™ and watch the magic happen – in just 2-4 hours, you’ll go from drab to fab with a dark red/brown rust that says, “I’ve seen some things.” No need for elbow grease or zinc-stripping – just apply and let the rust do the rest!

Recommended Sprayer/Applicator


50 Ounce Pump Pressure Sprayer Has Adjustable Spray Nozzle For Fine Mist to Stream, Wide Mouth For Easy Filling, and Chemical/Acid Resistant. Has Grip Handle and Thumb Trigger. Highly Recommended for Spraying COPPER F/X™, RUST F/X™, AUBURN F/X™ or BRONZE F/X™ on Larger Pieces.

This is One of the Most Important Tools You Can Have! Rinse After Each Use for Longest Life. Huge 50 Ounce Capacity!

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